Leaving Iraq

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I went with my dear friend Abodo. He was my driver during my work. I was calling him my computer before leaving Iraq in 2005.

Finally I have got the passport. At that time I suggested to my brother Tarik to sell our flat in Baghdad and I invited him to travel with me but he refused. Then I went to Al Sadun street and I reserved a ticket to travel to Turkey and I left Baghdad on September 16, 2007. After that I prepared my bages and left our flat at five o’clock A.M. Zaki the husband of my niece Sundus drove me to the airport. During our way to the airport there are a lot of checkpoints, service men with their bags and some American checkpoints the distance from these checkpoints to the airport was about 30 minutes. Before out entering to the airport we faced a check down. Then I entered to the airport and we faced another check down. Next I waited minutes before allowing the travelers to enter the department section. There we faced another check down. After that I put my bages. Then we went to the passport officers to stamp our passports. We waited in queue. When I arrived to the passport officer, I asked my God help me. I didn’t know how I get to the passport officer. In my side, I said that I have to walk and give my passport to the passport officer send him my greetings. Then I checked my passport at his computer during that moment I heard a voice from the computer . I looked to the passport officer. Then he stamped my passport and gave it to me. It was hard moments . it was like a dreem the way to travel I was so easy like a person who swim to get to the arrival points.

Before coming into the waiting chamber, there was a checkpoint, supervising by American servicemen. They checked our body, clothes, and shoes. They waited in the waiting chamber about 1:30 minutes. At that time I was a afraid to see anyone who knows me or avoid that if I saw anyone, he might tell the Iraqi authorities that I am Palestinian. It was very step in the airport. Shela was in my heart at that moment. Then we went to the airplane and sat in a seat near the window. Then the airport took off in a circular way then we went to the north of Iraq then Turkey. At that moment I was feeling like that I am dreaming, I was happy.

I kept my feelings inside me because I didn’t like to lose these feelings. Before arriving to the Istanbul airport. I was seeing the view of the sea and boats it was a beautiful scene. Then we arrived to Istanbul airport in Turkey next I left the airport after taking my bags. During my leaving the airport I heard three persons who speak Iraqi accent. I said hello for them and I started to speak with them. I asked them to help me and to tell me about a suitable hotel. They helped me by telling about a good hotel which I stayed in it for three days. Then I phoned Shela and told her about my arrival. She was so happy when she knew I arrived to Turkey safely.

In Istanbul I met a Palestinian man from Al Baladiat neighbor hood, he is called ( Abo Ahmed), he also wanted to leave for Greek. Then we went together to a person called Abo Nasser. He was helping the Palestinian refugees to run away. We asked him to help us to run away to Greek. The person wa ready by the asked us to pay 1500$ per person . but I refused to pay for him at the beginning. I told him that you have to help us to flee to Greek then I will give you the money. I wanted tp pay when I arrived to Greek, but he refused my offer and he was so annoyed. At that time some people embarrassed me and finally I paid for him. Then we went to a town called Izmir , we spent there three days then he told us to went to an island called Marmais . it s about four hours from Izmir. The island is so beautiful. We stayed in a hotel for four days uselessly. Then we went back to Izmir. There I met three Iraqi Palestinians from Al Baladiat neiborhood, they are Bashar, Hassan, and Yousif. After many days, they said to us that we have to go to another island, three to four hours a way from Izmir. I didn’t remember how many hours exactly. Also we waited there many days uselessly. But they put off our trp. I remember one day. I have finished my money and we found ourselves obligatory to sleep at the beach on chairs. It was so cold and didn’t have blankets. I thought that we would winter- kill. After that I called Abo Nasser. I was so angry at him, I told him that I would come back to Istanbul to take my money. I and Mouthana came back to Istanbul and we received our money from him. Then we went back to Izmir . by bus we spent for about ten hours to get there.

In Izmir we met another person to help us to run away to Greek. He told us that we would leave to Greek after three days. And we faced the same problem. He didn’t keep his word. And we took out our money, then we met another person called Abo Kassim he is an Iraqi. We gave him the money. Three days later Abo Kassim Al Iraqi sent us a person to tell us to prepare ourselves to leave on the next day.

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