Iraq Border and Al Waleed

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They have arrested me in the Iraqi borders by an American order, all my documents and passport was in Syria with the camp manager “ Remon yousif “ they told me that they will deleted my travelled document, they were impaling sending it. They transferred me to Iraqi borders with inconsistent with the international laws. I did my contacts with one of the presidency department officers he was called “Assad” I asked him to send my travel document. During this time there was my friend called “ Qussy Al Eidi “ he is a Palestinian responsible in Al Walled camp, he tried to help me, Sheila also did her contacts with some destinations like American embassy and united nations bureaus in Baghdad, Sheila was so worried about me. I told her “ don’t be worried about me, I will be free and save and the Iraqi guards treated me so kind, I told her “ here I can feel save and I can breathe air, see the sky and clouds and hear the birds sounds so don’t worry”. At last they guards told me that I would be sent to Baghdad to the ministry of interior in spite of I told them that that I have a friend called “ sadam Al- Dolimi” he is a well- known personality in the Iraqi borders and in Al- Ramadi town in Al Ambar government. When Sheila was talking with me in the prison by cell phone, I told her that they will send me to the ministry of interior, in that moment Shiela began crying, I felt that I would send her off if I will be sent to the ministry of interior, the last words that I told to Shela was “if they send me to the ministry of interior want from just one thing is to finish your study and get success. I felt as if I would not see her any more but I had hope that I would be free or even I would flee at the mid of my way to Baghdad. At the end a person called “ Mohamed al Ani” was working in the UN bureau in Iraq told me that they would visit me soon and he asked if I was tortured by the Iraqi soldiers, I replied “ no”. And he attended to the Iraqi borders and helped me to get off from the prison, and also “ Qussai “ and “ Abdullah “ came from Al Waleed camp and took me to the camp. The families and my friend there came to meet me with congratulations and hot greetings. I astonished when I saw “ Wael” my friend in the camp hugged him strongly, he was with me in the prison in Syria/ Syrian investigations.

I spent forty months in Al Waleed camp. I was so tired psychologically. As I spent so hard times in the prison that I couldn’t sleep well so I was going to sleep quickly. The circumstances in the camp were very hard regarding the un sufficient food, the un sufficient of health care, there was no specialized doctor or hospital just one un specialized doctor, there is no appropriate water to drink, the people there had to fill tankers of water from a distance place, and it was unclean and unhealthy, inside it were insects. Sometimes happens sand storms, the people almost about to suffocate and the tends were unstable .. one day a sand storm happened in the camp and I stayed with my friend singing and dancing, during this time I was with contact with Sheila, she was always calls me and tried to transfer my file to Jordan to the UN responsible called “ Macheil” , but the Jordanian governments refused to let the Palestinian enter its state.

During my residency in Al –W aleed camp, I was teaching the children drawing with my friend Wa’al who was with me in the prison in Syria, he had conversance in art and cooking, we were teaching the children in a small tent, we didn’t have neither papers no colors, the tent was so hot , and we didn’t have a fan, many children had the desire to learn drawing, when they drew I noticed that they express their feelings in the camp by drawing. I told Sheila that I need papers and color pens to teach the children and she called Maechial and brought us all the drawing accessories. The children began their drawing. We took some photos for them and I still have the photos with me since 2007. I felt some of them drawing well. I spent almost of my time with them and with my ante Zakia and her son and her daughter – in – law, we were taking our breakfast and lunch in the morning, settinh remembering our old days and about my father’s life.
During the morning in the open air it had a special sense in the desert. At these days, at night , sometimes we were playing the ring game with their neibour called Atheer and his wife his children, we were exchanging visits, I loved his children but unfortunately his wife called Ghozoon was sick and also his daughter . I wrote a request for her and I told her to give him to the UNHCR to the responsible during her interview, and they have travelled to Holland and they have still there as a refugees. One day I decided to live alone with my friend Bassam, I were visiting my ante and her son there. I gegan feeling worse and my health became worse until I have poisoning. I have rescued all this was because that I spent 70 days in prison, my mother and my sister Khitam came to spend one week with me in the camp. I were contacting with Shela. Then I decided to go to Baghdad as l couldn’t go to Jordan or Syria.

During this time there was no American embassy to do my fiancé application, so I returned to Baghdad secretly with families by bus. In our road the checkpoint officers have force us to stop us they checked all our luggage and they forbid us to move at morning after 6:00 A.M from the next day. The families couldn’t sleep in the bus because of the hot weather also they couldn’t sleep outside because of the culex. We were watching the continuous cues with petrol tanks and American security until morning they were going to Jordan.

On the next day the bus move and before we reached Baghdad my heart was beating happiness and sadness at the same time as I am eager to Baghdad. I want to khnow wahthappen to it when I have gone.

Before I reached to my neighborhood “ al baladiet” . I have got off the bus and took another way to my sister house “ Siham” I have wear glasses and hut for fear of someone could distinguish me. At the early morning, I reached to my sister’s house, she and her children have cheered when she saw me. At the same time I called Sheila that I have arrived, she was worried about me, she became glad when heard that I will spend one week secretly in my sister’s house, and I would prepare a forger Iraqi passport then travel to Turkey. I waited for one week. Then I couldn’t bear staying at home as I love freedom. I walked in the neighborhood and so many friends saw me and felt sorrow when they knew that I have been in prison for a long period of time. I tried to do the passport and flee before everything, but the person who used to do the passport was postponing it every day. During this time when I was waiting for my passport, I was changing my place , sometimes I was staying in my sister’s house and another time was staying in my nephews’ houses Sundus and Abeer , I was playing with their children. And many times the Iraqi troops came to check the neighborhood at nights.

After a while I have got an Iraqi passport letter G. shweila helped me to buy this passport by paying about 1200$. She has sent the money by Westren Union. Then I went to receive the money from a branch of western union in Al Tithal street in Baghdad -+

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