Friends and Memories

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In September, 2010, my work was featured for one month at Perk’s Coffee shop in Norwood, MA (which is the town where my wife Sheila grew up).  I chose the title “Friends and Memories” because by this time I had been blessed by numerous new friends after two years in the United States.  Also, some of the paintings evoked poignant memories of the past, especially relevant to the town itself:  I included an oil painting of Norwood Senior High School, which is a lovely historic building which will be torn down in 2011, and where my wife, her mother, and her grandfather all attended.  I also included a painting of my father-in-law’s childhood home (this is featured on the invitation).  So the title of the show is meant to reflect this sense of poignancy for the past, as well as gratitude for it and for the friendships that it has carried into the present time.


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