Painting in the Margins

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This was a very special gallery for me.  It was the first time I had the chance to display paintings in a real gallery space (rather than in a coffee shop or restaurant).  The University Lutheran Church in Harvard Square, Cambridge, has its own beautiful gallery, where my paintings were displayed for six weeks in the Spring of 2010.  The themes of this gallery included celebrations of some beautiful sites in Iraq such as an ocean scene of Basra, as well as the Great Mosque of Samarra, whose ancient minaret was sadly damaged in the current war.   I called this gallery “Painting in the Margins,” however, because of the continuing themes of refugees living on the margins of society (such as a painting of my cousin’s child, who with his family is newly resettled from a camp in Iraq to Lynn, MA), as well as the marginalization of certain native-born Americans, such as the homeless men and women who live in my neighborhood.  This was also a special gallery because I had the opportunity, with my wife, to give two lecture presentations about Palestinian refugees from Iraq.  These presentations were sponsored by the Boston Faith and Justice Network and by the University Lutheran Church.


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