Dreams in a Foreign Land

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This was my first showing in the United States.  It was sponsored by the Out of the Blue Gallery in Cambride, MA and the how itself was located at the Middle East Restaurant in Central Square, Cambridge.   I included paintings in oil and watercolor from the Syrian refugee camp, my months as a refugee in Greece, and new paintings created in the U.S.  So, the paintings themselves chronicle a tumultuous journey from war to refugee camps to the beginnings of new life in a strange country.

When I first came to the U.S., I could not stop dreaming at night.  I think I dreamed of everyone I ever knew – vivid, colorful dreams.  I think it was my way of saying good-bye to the old life.  The paintings I created in the camps and in my first year in the U.S. express the suffering caused by war and displacement, the longing of the refugee for one’s homeland, and an appreciation for beauty wherever it may be found: whether in the intricate embroidery of Palestinian textiles or in the natural surroundings of New England.



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