Raising Funds for Thaer’s Autobiography

These past few years I’ve been working on my autobiography. Many people have been apart of putting this book together, but now I’m asking for help from everyone. I plan to publish the book around the middle of 2018. To publish the book is expensive and I would appreciate any contribution you can make.Many of you know my story. As a Palestinian living in Iraq I became a refugee in Syria after the fall of Saddam Hussein and the invasion of Iraq in 2003.I faced many trials during my journey to the US , but I am now a US citizen with a lovely wife and son and a daughter on the way. I am an artist and I’ve showcased my work at various places around Massachusetts. In addition in 2012, I was awarded The Human Rights Award from Curry College. Many Americans that I have met have encouraged me to write this book and share my story. So please donate here to help me publish my book so that I can share my journey with everyone. Feel free to share the link to the fundraiser.